Cannes is known for its prominence in the entertainment industry and it is a place that is known for its  glitz and glamour but you cannot ignore the food that you get in Cannes as there are a large number of high end French fine dining options. But if you want to eat without breaking the bank then you can consider eating at the low key places around Cannes as it offers a treat for all budget people.


If you are thinking of visiting Cannes for vacation, then you need to know the best restaurants in Cannes so that you will enjoy the food there according to your tastes and budget. You will get restaurants with panoramic view of Mediterranean and chic dining rooms so that you can select the restaurants that serve delicious food. You can opt from luxury fine dining restaurants to budget friendly ones as it serves the best regional fare and you will enjoy the most authentic culinary experience. There are plenty of places to eat when you know exactly where to look for the best food in town as it is the liveliest and exuberant seaside destination for foodies who love gourmet dining.

Best restaurants in Cannes- La Palme d’ Or- this amazing restaurant is inside Grand Hyatt hotel and you will be spellbound by the spectacular view of Mediterranean sea, Bay of Cannes and La Croisette when dining at this place. This restaurant in decorated in the Art Deco style and it is known for its elegant  environment that has made it the Top 100 restaurant in world. The food in this restaurant is prepared in three different ways that is inspired by the movements as you have the option of trying the collection menu and a’la’carte. The food is complemented with world class wine of high quality brew so that you will have a complete food and wine for your lunch or dinner.

La Toque d’Or- this is a popular food joint in the city that is known for its gastronomic food lists and it is located in the food market and it is known for its sophisticated look and friendly chefs who prepared the food. The menu of  this restaurant is inspired from the local produce and local Provencal kitchen
but the food is prepared in a light, modern and fresh direction. There are some most exciting ingredients that are used for preparing the food as it is the combination of vegetables with sea food for giving an amazing twist to the food menu.

Le Grain de Sel- this restaurant is the brainchild of the famous French trained and Vietnamese born chef who has opened this delightful new bistro in the city for foodies around the town. This restaurant features high ceilinged interior dining room with faux bookshelves and modern lighting for creating a relaxed
backdrop as it offers innovative food in terms of sea food and vegetables combined together. The food is sprinkled with fresh and dried herbs for enhancing its favor and adding innovative touch to the food that are served at this restaurant.