Cannes is better known for its annual Cannes Film Festival, a popular event which draws artists from   various places around the world. Apart from the Cannes Film Festival, this place is also popular for having a magnificent and beautiful coastline which attracts tourists from all over the world. This beautiful place has many hotels for its visitors. Below is the list of the best hotels in Cannes and you should think about making a complete luxury experience by hiring an exotic supercar from

Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

This hotel is a 5 star luxury hotel which i  located in Croisette, which is one of the most popular and glamorous locality in Cannes. This grand hotel was established in the year 1929 for welcoming princes, billionaires and film stars. This luxurious hotel has some great amenities like daily yoga classes, a huge spa situated in one square kilometre area and a pool which is always heated and bubbling. The best thing about this luxurious 5 star hotel is that when you look out from the rooms of this hotel then you would get to see beautiful view of the world’s most popular promenade, an awesome area from where you can look at the exquisite boutique stores and shops.

JW Marriott Cannes

Nestled between the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, the JW Marriott situated in Cannes boasts an incomparable artistic and cultural heritage. It is a luxurious chain hotel having a fascinating history and a prime Cannes location. This 5 star hotel offers a modern and spacious accommodation situated directly opposite to the sea. This luxurious hotel is located on the site where the first film festival in Cannes was held.

Le Grand Hotel Cannes

This hotel is another luxurious and well situated hotel in Cannes, towering over one of the prime street of La Croisette. The La Croisette is few minutes away from the Rue d’Antibes having several charming boutique stores and shops. This luxurious hotel offers a completely free high-speed wireless internet connection to their guests. Moreover, this hotel also arranges for shuttle services in order to bring their customers to their hotel from the airports and vice versa with some additional charges. However,
one thing which you need to be aware of about this hotel is that they don’t permit smoking in their premises. This is in fact good for the well being of their customer as the environment would be much cleaner and safer for everyone staying at their hotel.

Five Seas Hotel Cannes

This hotel is a luxury hotel having a beautiful spa and an outdoor pool where people can actually spend a completely relaxing day. Moreover, they also feature lounge areas and coffee shops where you can spend time with family and friends along with getting a chance to interact with the other guests. If you are staying in the Five Seas Hotel and don’t feel like going out for meals, then you can stay at the hotel itself and enjoy meals from any of the two restaurants situated at their premises which offers excellent
foods. Few other amenities which this luxury hotel offers is fitness centres, conference halls for the people who are on business trips, halls for hosting private events and roof top terrace.

Cannes is popular for its chic reputation and amazing climate as it is an excellent place to visit with your family and friends so that you will enjoy exploring this place with your near and dear ones. There is a certain amount of glamour associated with Cannes that makes it a hot travel destination among visitors
and if you want to visit Cannes then you need to find out the interesting things to do in Cannes so that you will enjoy your stay. This place is located in the sparkling Riviera in France and it is well known for its cultural attractions and historic monuments. It offers perfect opportunity to you for relaxing and indulging in the most luxurious shopping destination and delicious food that will satisfy you to the core. This place offers leisure to people who love to enjoy their life at their own place as you have beautiful islands, nearby beaches, museums, attractive architecture and small cafes where you can relax whole day.

Whether you are visiting Cannes on a family holiday or exploring the place with your group of friends, you will have a lot of activities that will help you stay engaged and entertained throughout your stay. You also have the option of visiting the natural, cultural and historical sites that are offered by this wonderful city as there are a large number of destinations that are heritage of treasure for your holiday. The interesting things to do in Cannes will allow you to spend a day in relaxation and discovery on the islands, beaches and architecture while being mesmerized by the breathtaking landscape of this amazing place. The weather remains cool all year round and it creates a perfect setting for sunbathing the beach. The natural landscape of the place is worth mentioning and you will feel that you are staying in a piece of heaven with the beauty, relaxation and the amazing flora and fauna.

Interesting things to do in Cannes


Beach activities- Cannes boasts of having the most beautiful and stunning beaches in the world and when visiting the place, you should not miss the activities that you are indulge in while holidaying in Cannes. You can go for boat trips, sailing, water sports, beach clubs and not to forget sunbathing as you will be busy the entire day in the beach.

Get the best sea food- Cannes is also known for its mouth watering sea food that comes from the French Riviera that is known for the best sea food from any other city in Europe. You will get a large number of restaurants and hotels where you can gorge on the sea food and you need to look for a place to eat
according to your tastes, budget and preference. The fresh fish, mussels and oysters are the most amazing sea food that is found in Cannes.

Visit cultural and historical sites- when staying in Cannes, you cannot miss the many sites that offers you in insight into the culture and history of the place as the architecture and museum will leave you spell bound.

Beaches in Canes, whether private or public, are incredibly charming. While the former mostly beside being closer to LA Croisette feature a lot of amenities like sun lounges, lockers and waiter services, the latter tend to be natural and more minimalist and hence less costly. Below is a list of the top best beaches.

5. Best beaches in Cannes

1. Z Plage (Private)

This beach provides your dream luxury setting for a fulfilling relaxation in Cannes. The fact it is spacious means it suits parties and other functions involving many people. While on this private beach you can
walk along the beautiful paths or sunbath on sunbeds that overlook Boulevard de la Croisette. With the over 400 sunbeds, you have enough space for friends and family members. The beach restaurant serves various high-quality and hence tasty cuisines.

2. Plage du Midi (Public)

Are you a fan of long sandy beaches that are easily accessible from main terminuses? Plage du Midi is ideal for you. Besides being sandy, it has easy access from the bus stop, train station and the central
business district. There are many beach clubs on one end while on the other there is a wide relaxation area where you can have quality family time with your loved ones. If you would like to take part in some sports, beach volleyball courts and different water sports will come in handy.

3. Long Beach (Private)

This fairly built-up beach is yet another great spot operated by Marriott Hotel. It provides a great place to sit, relax and pass the time. Other than being right at the heart of an urban centre, a lot goes on
this lovely place. An indoor beach restaurant allows you to sample Cannes meals and cocktails. Many people, both foreigners and locals frequent the place to experience first-hand the town’s exciting events ranging from watching the fireworks during Bastille Day to quick dip into the sea on Cannes Film

4. Plage Zamenhof

Situated near Porto Canto and run by the council of Cannes, this Municipal beach has deckchairs, lockers and umbrellas at prices that are a small fraction of those at private beaches. You also get the chance to use practice fishing skills using the jellyfish nets. Those who fancy reading books have the opportunity to lend a book from the library within the beach. Other amenities include lifeguards, hot showers, toilets and lockers. A large underground bust stop and car park mean you have no fuss parking your vehicle.

5. Baoli Beach (Private)

Baoli is a truly striking, fashionable private beach. It is not only widely known for its lovely spot but also a dedicated Baoli Restaurant that operates till late hours during summer. So, if you are looking for an
irresistible place to party look no further. All celebrities and global jet-setters frequently party here. Find your way to this beach to experience high life in the company of famed celebs without spending a fortune.


Whether you want to have lunch in a family-friendly setting or a rusting picnic right at an island cove, Cannes does not disappoint. The place provides a beach experience for everyone. Choose from the above private and public beaches, and you will have a story to tell.

Cannes is known for its prominence in the entertainment industry and it is a place that is known for its glitz and glamour but you cannot ignore the food that you get in Cannes as there are a large number of high end French fine dining options. But if you want to eat without breaking the bank then you can consider eating at the low key places around Cannes as it offers a treat for all budget people.


If you are thinking of visiting Cannes for vacation, then you need to know the best restaurants in Cannes so that you will enjoy the food there according to your tastes and budget. You will get restaurants with panoramic view of Mediterranean and chic dining rooms so that you can select the restaurants that serve delicious food. You can opt from luxury fine dining restaurants to budget friendly ones as it serves the best regional fare and you will enjoy the most authentic culinary experience. There are plenty of places to eat when you know exactly where to look for the best food in town as it is the liveliest and exuberant seaside destination for foodies who love gourmet dining.

Best restaurants in Cannes- La Palme d’ Or- this amazing restaurant is inside Grand Hyatt hotel and you will be spellbound by the spectacular view of Mediterranean sea, Bay of Cannes and La Croisette when dining at this place. This restaurant in decorated in the Art Deco style and it is known for its elegant environment that has made it the Top 100 restaurant in world. The food in this restaurant is prepared in three different ways that is inspired by the movements as you have the option of trying the collection menu and a’la’carte. The food is complemented with world class wine of high quality brew so that you will have a complete food and wine for your lunch or dinner.

La Toque d’Or- this is a popular food joint in the city that is known for its gastronomic food lists and it is located in the food market and it is known for its sophisticated look and friendly chefs who prepared the food. The menu of this restaurant is inspired from the local produce and local Provencal kitchen
but the food is prepared in a light, modern and fresh direction. There are some most exciting ingredients that are used for preparing the food as it is the combination of vegetables with sea food for giving an amazing twist to the food menu.

Le Grain de Sel- this restaurant is the brainchild of the famous French trained and Vietnamese born chef who has opened this delightful new bistro in the city for foodies around the town. This restaurant features high ceilinged interior dining room with faux bookshelves and modern lighting for creating a relaxed
backdrop as it offers innovative food in terms of sea food and vegetables combined together. The food is sprinkled with fresh and dried herbs for enhancing its favor and adding innovative touch to the food that are served at this restaurant.