Let’s face it: 2010 was a lousy year at the movies.

Aside from a few gems, Hollywood seemingly left creative storytelling and original ideas at the door for lots of stupid in glorious 3-D.

New film music didn’t fare much better, which made it especially hard to do our annual year end best-of episode. So we cheated. Instead of a top ten list, we decided to open up the conversation and let the chips fall where they may. That means we discuss not only some of our favorite new releases of the year, but also the mountain of expanded editions and older scores released for the first time on the boutique labels.

Joining us for this episode (and hopefully more in the future) is special guest Mike Joffe, a producer at BSX Records and a respected member of the soundtrack community. Mike really adds some great insights that you’ll not want to miss.

Soundtracks discussed include: Inception, Tron: Legacy, How to Train Your Dragon, Predators, Krull, Star Trek III and V, and much, much more.